Senior Citizens' University. SCU

Castellón, Spain

UNIVERSITAT JAUME I, Senior Citizens’ University (SCU), deals with adult (over 55) learners that attend different courses (humanities: art, history, philosophy, economics…and ICT). Classes are also offered in rural areas. They do not learn to get a job or a degree; they learn because of personal needs, to be active and to be up to-date in society. Pedagogic and didactic concepts are applied to courses (internet and computer skills) and different approaches are applied through activities (forums, mail lists, webpage, seminars, projects) to make them involved and active. New ideas and concepts will be incorporated to this activities and create new ones.

Institutional pages and information

Pages as resul of the ActiveICT project

First meeting (Castellón, Spain) 5-7, November 2008

The first coordination meeting took place in Castellón, at the Jaume I University

This was the first contact in person of some of the partners and allowed us to get know better, and define the next tasks to do. All parters were welcome by Salvador Cabedo (Academic Director) and Eva Alcón Soler (Vice-Rector) You can read the material produced in the "meetings" section

Project meeting in the SCU. 5 November 2008

The 5th of November 20 students attended to the ActiveICT information meeting that the Senior Citizens' University gave. All them were interested in participate actively in the project.

Previous to that day, a major announcent through the web page, brouchures and mail was done to the whole university community.

Meeting press release. 5 November 2008

Local newspapers wrote about the news: the University Jaume I was hosting a meeting of a european project. Here you can see these news:

RUVID magazine. December 2008

Network of Valencian Universities for promotion of Research, Development and Innovation (RUVID) is a non-profit organisation where the 7 universities of the Valencian Comunity participate. It publishes a monthly magazine.

In the number of december 2009, an article of the ActiveICT project was published, you can read the web version here (Spanish)

Wiki course in Castellón. February 2009

Wiki course

The first part of a "active ICT" course started on 5/2/2009. We want to teach learners can they can write in a wiki. After that course, we will keep on working; promoting and filling with content the wiki.

Into this project, we want to know how this activity disseminates in awarenes, motivation and content to the rest of students. Others activities are also planned, they will be detailed in the Udine meeting.


International Week at the Faculty of Pedagogy, Rezeknes Augstskola. February 2009

One of the partners (PSRI) organized the the first International week (23-28 February). The last two days, it was the Scientific Conference “Society. Integration.Education”, SLO attended the whole week, SCU attended only in the Scientific Conference. During these days we gave speaches and had the chance to share with other researchers our experiences and innovation about the activeICT project. We took advantadge of being in a partners' institution so also performed a study visit of their activities.

SENDA magazine. 4 May 2009

An article was published in the national monthtly magazine "Senda Senior", in the last issue of March 2009 (number 97). "Senda Senior" is a magazine dedicated to offer information to the elderly in the area of national laws, health improvements, politics and education, etc.


WikiSenior launched. May 2009


The Senior Citizens University Wiki opened in may 2009 to all seniors. You can see it in and also in After some initial content was created, we promote our seniors to practise, experiment and write in this wiki (and any other wiki of course)

You can see the press releases associated to this activity in the Dissemination section, and read about the progress in this activity in the reports of the meetings

Wikisenior inaugurated. 4 March 2009


On Monday 4th of May, the WikiSenior was presented to all the University Community. You can see the press releases below and the English version of the leaflet.

It was very surprising and was very well accepted. Now, we have a lot of seniors that want to collaborate. Also we will try to open the registration and participation to everybody (all the world).

Press releases:

Second project meeting participation. March 2009

The SCU attended the second project meeting in Udine (Italy) with 3 delegates and 5 learnes

We presented our methological proposal por ICT activation on learners, and also the learners had the chance to explain everybody their experience. You can read the material produced in the "meetings" section

Renaixement Magazine. May 2009


In the issue number 11 of May of the Renaixement Magazine (a Regional magazine published by the Senior Citizens' University but that is sent to all universities and other national organisations), the SCU published a two pages article letting know first the philosophy of web 2.0 (that allows everybody participation on the net) and secondly the activeICT project


EDULEARN09. Barcelona. July 2009

2 papers accepted in the International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (EDULEARN09), July 2009, Barcelona. You can read the abstract below.

Published by the the International Association of Technology, Education and Development. Proceedings CD; ISBN 978-84-612-9802-0

Article in LLinE

The SCU published and article in the Volume XIV, issue 3/2009 of the "Lifelong learning in Europe" magazine named "Enhacing ICT education for seniors students"

In that article we presented the complete methodology that is applied in the SCU for ICT learning. This methodology includes our method of activation which is related to the activeICT project and is explained in the article. Also explains that to participate in this kind of projects is promoted as a way to improve and increase quality in the instituions but also allow the learners participation in their own education.


Third project meeting participation. September 2009

The SCU attended the third project meeing in Calarasi (Romania) with 2 delegates and 5 students.

We presented the progress in our activities as a way to get feedback and ideas from the rest of the partners. Also we proposed a workshop, where all the learners could see and participate in the WikiSenior. This experience was presented and guided by our learners. You can read the material produced in the "meetings" section.

Web 2.0 courses ofered. October 2009

SCU courses

After one year sharing the ideas within the activeICT project, and after the wiki pilot course, this academic year: 2009/2010 we offered to all learners (in the campus and delegations) a web 2.0 courses

As result, the WikiSenior increased greatly the content, and as a test, two delegations created two blogs (two senior groups), you can see them here: Fonts del Llosar (Vilafranca) and Seu dels Ports (Morella)

This initiative created a great impact not only in the local comunities, but also in others learners. Now a lot of people follow them and what is more important, the feel proud to be "in the net"

Fourth project meeting participation. February 2010

The SCU attended the fourth project meeing in Évora (Portugal) with 3 delegates and 10 students.

We presented the progress in our activities as a way to get feedback and ideas from the rest of the partners. 3 learners presented their own vision and ideas about the ICT. You can read the material produced in the "meetings" section.

Project meeting participation. March 2010

The PCCE and SCC organised together this extra meeting in the activeICT project. Because of the experience that the PCCE and SCC have regarding the LifeLong Learning activities and policy and also the Finnish society in general, almost all the partners attended this extra meeting and took advantadge of the visit and conferences.

You can read more in the "meetings" section.

II Conference on Elderly and New Technologies. 25-26 April 2010

On 22-26 The Senior Citizens' University organised the II international conferences on elderly and New Technology ( During these conferences the results of the activeICT project were presented, also the SCU methodology proposed in the framework of the project.

The partners of activeICT were invited to attend, not only this two days, but to take advantadge of the trip, the GWSP and PSRI stayed more days to perform a study visit of the Senior Citizens' University and learn together from our experience.

As example of the the active participation of learners, some learners representants that participate in the activeICT project, gave a speech to all explaining their experiences.

Fith project meeting participation. June 2010

The KCDKO and GWSP prepared and organised togheter the last meeting of the activeICT project. We participated with 2 delegates and 12 learners.

All the participants visited the institution and had the chance to understand better how the activities in the Third Age University and in local colleges are carried out. This was the farewell meeting to prepare the conclusion, evaluation and nearly close the project. You can read the material produced in the "meetings" section.

International Conference participation. June 2010

On 22-25 June 2010, the SCU participated in the "International Conference on Psycology and New Technolgoy in Adult Education" organised by Bytom University of Economy and Administration and GWSP in Zakopane (Poland)

During this week, the activeICT project was presented focusing on the impact and results that it had.