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Sastamala, Finland

SASTAMALA COMMUNITY COLLEGE (SCC) is a non-profit citizen’s institute providing liberal education and Open University courses for adults as well as Children’s Basic Arts education. The learners are up to 90+ years. The college is set in a rural area and the majority of the learners are 50+. The number of single student registrations is ca. 5500 each year. The population is growing older and long distances between villages are a problem, particularly to senior citizens and especially those with disabilities. From this partnership the college will expect to gain new work methods and methodologies for senior’s ICT courses and tutoring as well as organisational and professional cooperation between the partners. Further, our objective is to absorb new tools for promoting life-long learning and publication.

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Castellón project meeting. November 2008


The SCC participated in the Castellón meeting with 2 representatitives.

In that meeting we had the chance to visit the UJI, their premises and also attend and participate in the ICT classes. We presented our institution and the activities we currently are working on and we had the possibility to learn more about other institutions.

Course from Sastamala Community College. January 2009


The Sastamala Community College is planning the course that is going to carry out with eubuntu.

You can follow up their progress in their blog:

Also you can read about the virtual classes they have been doing with SLO (some thechonogical subjects and also literature)

Second project meeting participation. March 2009

The SCC attended the second project meeting in Udine (Italy) with 3 delegates and 3 learners.





Sastamala courses. March 2009

Spring courses

Our key activity in the project is to test new methodology and teaching technology in teaching ICT to seniors (55+). The activity has now reached the following stages:

College has established one Edubuntu ICT-classroom in Kalliala village, Vammala.

Two piloting senior ICT courses are advertised on the college website, via email and in the beginning of Jan 2009 also in the college spring term brochure.





Radio Manta interviewing activeICT students. 17 April 2010

on 17.4.2009 the local radio called Radio Manta interviewed three Sastamala ActiveICT senior students, Maija, Matti and Esa on Radio Manta's Friday morning show. The students talked about their experiences in Italy and the ActiveICT courses and they take part in, what they have learned and what effect the learning of ICT has made in their lives so far.

    8 May 2009


On Friday the 8th of May, a prominent Finnish web publication ( released news on Finnish Grungtvig2 Learning Partnerships. Sastamala College ActiveICT was presented in this news:

Learning through ICT: UFA and SCC May 2009

Learning through ICT

Università delle LiberEtà goes beyond national borders and brings its competencies to Finland thanks to the Internet and the Skype programme. The adult education centre has just finished a course of Spanish language conversation with some Finnish students. This project raised from a cooperation with a similar institution, the Sastamala College.

The Finnish institution is long-experienced in courses via Internet, but decided to make use of the Udine institution know-how on teaching methodologies. The same for Università delle LiberEtà, having great interest in knowing the secrets of courses via Internet for future activities on local scale.

Online lessons give the student the opportunity to be seated at home and can be a valid solution for those who cannot reach the lifelong learning centre in Via Napoli. With just one computer and an Internet connection, you can have lessons from all over the world.

News report. 14 May 2009

A local newspaper in Sastamala region wrote about ActiveICT project in their 14th May 2009 issue.

Press release

Grundtvig 2 Regional Meeting in Finland. 2 June 2009

Grundtvig meeting in Finland

ActiveICT was presented at Grundtvig regional meeting today, 2nd June. The meeting was hosted by Wahren Adult Education Centre and the Finnish National Agency was represented by Ms Eija Wilén, Programme Manager in Grundtvig (LLP) and Nordplus Adult.



ActiveICT met with Dr Ramūnas Kuncaitis in EAC / NA (CIMO) meeting June 2009

ActiveICT hanke sai kutsun kokoukseen joka pidettiin Helsingissä 15.5.09. Kokouksen kutsujana oli Suomen kansallinen toimisto, CIMO ja kokouksen aiheena oli suomalaisten Grundtvig 1 (monenväliset keskitetyt hankkeet) ja Grundtvig 2 (kansalliset oppimiskumppanuushankkeet) kohtaaminen. Kutsuttujen oppimiskumppanuuksien joukossa oli sellaisia hankkeita, joiden aihealue oli yhteinen jonkin tilaisuudessa läsnä olleen monenvälisen hankkeen kanssa. Kutsuttujen kumppanuuksien joukossa oli senioreiden ja erityistä tukea tarvitsevien ryhmien (vammaiset) parissa työskentelevät hankkeet. Tilaisuutta johti Dr Ramūnas Kuncaitis Euroopan Unionin Komissiosta. Kokoukseen osallistui hankekoordinaattoreita ja työntekijöitä Oulun yliopistosta, THL:stä (Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos), Savimäen Klubitalolta, Finlands Svenska Marthaförbund:sta, Karkun evankelisesta opistosta, Diakoniasäätiö Foibesta ja Sastamalan Opistosta. Kokous oli Sastamalan Opiston yksi kevään levitystoiminnoista..

ActiveICT participated in a meeting with a Comission representative Dr Ramūnas Kuncaitis in Helsinki 15.5.2009. The meeting was arranged by the Finnish National Agency, CIMO. Dr Kuncaitis and his colleague from Brussels met with three Finnish centralised Grundtvig 1 projects and three Finnish learning partnerships with the same target groups or end-users. The aim of the meeting was to exchange information and good practices within the country and promote cooperation between Grundtvig 1 and Grundtvig 2 projects.

The Finnish representatives in the meeting were from Oulu University, THL (Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos), Savimäen Klubitalo, Finlands Svenska Marthaförbund, Karkku Evangelical College, Diakoniasäätiö Foibe and Sastamala College.

Kokousvalokuvat: Tuija Hyvönen / Meeting photos by Tuija Hyvönen

Learning in Second Life. August 2009

Second Life courses

ActiveICT continues strong. Sastamala College introduces - as piloting courses - two courses for Seniors in Second Life. The courses are virtual round-the-world trips for beginners in Second Life.

Introduction to activity (Finnish)


Third project meeting participation. September 2009

The SCC attended the third project meeing in Calarasi (Romania) with 4 delegates.



Courses offer in Sastamala. September 2009

This autumn term the college has several courses that are specifically of this this project. They are:

  • NEW: Internet & Communication (in Kalliala village)
  • NEW: Computers & Everyday life (in Lantula village)
  • German language discussion class for Seniors on Skype (in cooperation with Senioren-Lernen-Online (SLO) from Germany)
  • Hablamos Español! Spanish language class on Skype (in cooperation with Università delle LiberEtà del FVG, Centro Internazionale di Educazione Permanente in Udine, Italy)
  • NEW: Tutto Bene? Tutti Bene! Italian language class on Skype (in cooperation with Università delle LiberEtà del FVG, Centro Internazionale di Educazione Permanente in Udine, Italy)

The Skype courses were open for anyone and anywhere in Finland and in Europe.

Fourth project meeting participation. February 2010

The SCC attended the fourth project meeing in Évora (Portugal) with 3 delegates and 5 students.



Project meeting organisation. March 2010

The SCC and PCCE organised together this extra meeting in the activeICT project. Because of the experience that the PCCE and SCC have regarding the LifeLong Learning activities and policy and also the Finnish society in general, almost all the partners attended this extra meeting and took advantadge of the visit and conferences.

You can read more in the "meetings" section.

News report. 25 March 2010


A local newspaper in Sastamala region wrote about ActiveICT project in their 25th March 2010 issue.





Turku University Dissemination. 19 May 2010


ActiveICT and the lively cooperation between project partners SLO and Sastamala College got visibility in a Turku University teacher training event on Wednesday 19th May, 2010. Uta, Tuija, teacher Pia and two senior learners Mrs Tuula Kotiranta and Mr Matti Härmä spoke together in the event for mainly Finnish adult educators and language teachers. Tuija gave a face-to-face speech followed by Skype & Mikogo converted presentations from our international ActiveICT "SWAT Team". The presentations got very good feedback from the audience and it was applauded for being rich, graphic and inspiring.

Warm thanks to Uta, Pia, Tuula and Matti.

Fith project meeting participation. June 2010

The KCDKO and GWSP prepared and organised togheter the last meeting of the activeICT project. We participated with a delegate.

All the participants visited the institution and had the chance to understand better how the activities in the Third Age University and in local colleges are carried out. This was the farewell meeting to prepare the conclusion, evaluation and nearly close the project. You can read the material produced in the "meetings" section.