Personality Socialization Research Institute. PSRI

Rezekne, Latvia

REZEKNE HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION (PSRI) Personality Socialization research institute is a new structural unit, which was founded in February 2006. The aim of its work is to provide scientifically proved theoretical, practical and informative basis for solving problems in personality’s socialization in pedagogical, psychological, teaching methodology and personality’s social integration’s spheres. The main aim of its work is reducing the problem of social exclusion in Latgale region through interaction between people with special needs, retired people and researchers.

Castellón project meeting. November 2008


The PSRI participated in the Castellón meeting with 2 representatitives.

In that meeting we had the chance to visit the UJI, their premises and also attend and participate in the ICT classes. We presented our institution and the activities we currently are working on and we had the possibility to learn more about other institutions.

Second project meeting participation. March 2009

The PSRI attended the second project meeting in Udine (Italy) with 3 delegates.





Third project meeting participation. September 2009

The PSRI attended the third project meeing in Calarasi (Romania) with 2 delegates and 2 learners.



Courses for handicapted. Jaunuary 2010

IT course

Within the framework of the project PSRI basing on the cooperation agreement with Social Integration State Agency collaborates with Rezekne Support Point of the Social Integration State Agency for the development of IT teaching methodology and implementation of experience gained within the project as well as for the research of trainees’ motivation

We organized and conducted informative workshop for the learners in Social Integration State Agency Rezekne Supporting point. 2 editions of ICT courses for handicapped unemployed people were organised

"Society, Integration, Education" conference. Rezekne February 2010

In the International Conference "Society, Integration, Education" done in the Rezeknes Augstskola, Faculty of Pedagogy, the article Using the information technologies for integration problems of persons with disabilities" was presented. Part of the innovation done in this reseach and presented in the paper is related with the activities that the Personality Socialization Research Institute in doing in the activeICT project

Fourth project meeting participation. February 2010

The PSRI attended the fourth project meeing in Évora (Portugal) with a delegate and a students.



Project meeting participation. March 2010

The PCCE and SCC organised together this extra meeting in the activeICT project. Because of the experience that the PCCE and SCC have regarding the LifeLong Learning activities and policy and also the Finnish society in general, almost all the partners attended this extra meeting and took advantadge of the visit and conferences.

You can read more in the "meetings" section.

Informative Workshop and courses. March 2010


With collaboration of the Social Integration State Agency it was organized and conducted an informative workshop for the learners in Social Integration State Agency Rezekne Supporting point.

See the booklet




II Conference on Elderly and New Technologies. 25-26 April 2010

On 22-26 The Senior Citizens' University organised the II international conferecens on elderly and NT ( During these conferences the results of the activeICT project were presented, also the SCU methodology proposed in the framework of the project.

The partners of activeICT were invited to attend, not only this two days, but to take advantadge of the trip, the GWSP and PSRI stayed more days to perform a study visit of the Senior Citizens' University and learn together from our experience.


Fith project meeting participation. June 2010

The KCDKO and GWSP prepared and organised togheter the last meeting of the activeICT project. We participated with 2 delegates.

All the participants visited the institution and had the chance to understand better how the activities in the Third Age University and in local colleges are carried out. This was the farewell meeting to prepare the conclusion, evaluation and nearly close the project. You can read the material produced in the "meetings" section.