a Grundtvig learning partnership project

About the activeICT project

Here you will find a very short description about the project and the aims. The compendium of the activities done and the results will give you also a more practical view of the aims of the project.

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Project summary

All institutions in this partnership are related with adult education and ICT. We are aware of the importance of ICT in society, as a major resource, for the huge opportunities that it opens but also the risks (digital gap) it presents.

Children’s and younger people’s use of ICT is totally accepted; however the same does not apply to adults and the elderly. Technology which they have not grown up with, its great complexity, their lack of motivation, low interest, ignorance and fear of technology form the first barrier that prevents most of them from becoming active in ICT. The second barrier is the lack of the skills needed to manage the computers and internet. Institutions offer activities and courses specially designed for adults and/or the elderly where specific pedagogic and didactic methodology is applied.

During this project, the partners (staff, teachers and learners) participated in some common activities that allowed them to learn from each other, that is other people experiences and other practises. The time during the meetings was also beneficial, where all the partners had the opportunity to visit the host institutions and where all the partners present to others their experiences.

The activities and the meetings allowed the learners to participate very actively in the partnership, some of them did presentations and related their motivations and perspective of ICT

Objectives. The main objectives of the partnership are:


Objectives. The main objectives of the partnership are:

  • To share and exchange best practices and activities in which each organisation has experience.
  • To improve and redesign courses, activities or processes in each organisation.
  • To promote cooperation between institutions of common interest, facilitate the transfer of information and disseminate the results.

Targets. The final targets are:

  • to activate the learning of ICT in adults/the elderly
  • to promote the use of ICT to continue learning
  • to empower the use of ICT as a tool that adults/the elderly can use to participate actively in society

Subjects. The key subjects we centre on and we want to address through the tasks are;

  • Increase the capacity and ability of teachers and staff in order to improve the quality of teaching and managing.
  • Increase the offer and quality of the activities and courses for adults.
  • Encourage learners to participate actively in this partnership, promote an active participation in future activities and in society.
  • Foster awareness of European Union involvement in adult education among staff, teachers and learners, and consequently the organisation and society.

Approach. The approach to achieve targets will be mainly:

  • Create a network of staff, tutors, teachers and learners.
  • Enable information flow by sharing common activities and participating in transnational mobility.
  • Transfer information about each institution’s courses, activities or processes. Improve or design new activities (that will be planned, monitored and analysed cooperatively among all members) in order to enable the transfer of practices and processes. This added value information will be incorporated into each institution.

Support. February 2008

Thanks to the European Commision to promote the Grundtvig Learning Partnerships, also thanks to the respective National Agencies to support this project and provide financing for the mobilities and always useful help. Without their assistance and the collaboration of everybody this partnership would have never been possible, our learners, staff and teahcer would have never met and therefore, we would remained ignorant.