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Helsinki, Finland

PALMENIA CENTRE FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION (PCCE) is the leading academic provider of continuing education in Finland. It is part of the University of Helsinki, which belongs to the League of European Research Universities (LERU). Benefiting from the University's broad foundation across a range of disciplines, Palmenia operates at regional, national and international levels. In addition to current courses and other educational services, Palmenia designs and provides tailored programmes as well as research and development services. PCCE is highly professional regarding development of learning and teaching methods by using ICT. Know-how in project management and administration, teaching ICT skills to various adult groups and good contacts with a wide variety of adult trainers. We expect to learn about good practices in teaching ICT skills, receive information about developing ICT teaching, evaluate the results and discuss theese with other partners.


Pages related of the ActiveICT project

Castellón project meeting. November 2008


The PCCE participated in the Castellón meeting with 2 representatitives.

In that meeting we had the chance to visit the UJI, their premises and also attend and participate in the ICT classes. We presented our institution and the activities we currently are working on and we had the possibility to learn more about other institutions.

Second project meeting participation March 2009

The PCCE attended the second project meeting in Udine (Italy) with 2 delegates.

We presented our seniors courses groups and backgroup and also the curriculum and materials we use in courses. You can read the material produced in the "meetings" section

Third project meeting participation. September 2009

The PCCE attended the third project meeing in Calarasi (Romania) with 3 delegates.

We presented the progress in our activities and progress with Seniors. You can read the material produced in the "meetings" section.


Fourth project meeting participation. February 2010

The PCCE attended the fourth project meeing in Évora (Portugal) with 3 delegates.



Project meeting organisation. March 2010

The PCCE and SCC organised together this extra meeting in the activeICT project. Because of the experience that the PCCE and SCC have regarding the LifeLong Learning activities and policy and also the Finnish society in general, almost all the partners attended this extra meeting and took advantadge of the visit and conferences.

You can read more in the "meetings" section.

Fith project meeting participation. June 2010

The KCDKO and GWSP prepared and organised togheter the last meeting of the activeICT project. We participated with 2 delegates.

All the participants visited the institution and had the chance to understand better how the activities in the Third Age University and in local colleges are carried out. This was the farewell meeting to prepare the conclusion, evaluation and nearly close the project. You can read the material produced in the "meetings" section.