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Research and Innovation

In this section you will find articles and papers related to any activity or product developed in the framework of the activeICT project that has published in any scientific conference or journal.

EDULEARN09. Barcelona. July 2009

2 papers accepted in the International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (EDULEARN09), July 2009, Barcelona. You can read the abstract below.

Published by the the International Association of Technology, Education and Development. Proceedings CD; ISBN 978-84-612-9802-0

Article in LLinE

The SCU published and article in the Volume XIV, issue 3/2009 of the "Lifelong learning in Europe" (ISSN: 1239-6826) magazine named "Enhacing ICT education for seniors students"

In that article we presented the complete methodology that is applied in the SCU for ICT learning. This methodology includes our method of activation which is related to the activeICT project and is explained in the article. Also explains that to participate in this kind of projects is promoted as a way to improve and increase quality in the instituions but also allow the learners participation in their own education.


"Society, Integration, Education" conference. Rezekne February 2010

In the International Conference "Society, Integration, Education" done in the Rezeknes Augstskola, Faculty of Pedagogy, the article Using the information technologies for integration problems of persons with disabilities" was presented. Part of the innovation done in this reseach and presented in the paper is related with the activities that the Personality Socialization Research Institute in doing in the activeICT project

Article in magazine "Nauczyciel I Szkota"

In the magazine "Nauczyciel I Szkota" nr. 1-2 (46-46) ISSN 1426-9899, the "Górnoslaska Wyzsza Szkola Pedagogiczna imienia Kardynala Augusta Hlonda w Myslowicach" published an article named: "Active citezenship thrugh new IT and communication technologies in every age: the activeICT project". Authors: Renata Ochoa-Daderska, MiROSLAW Czapka, Luis Ochoa-Siguencia