Górnośląska Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna im. A. Hlonda w Mysłowicach. GWSP

Myslowice, Poland

CARDINAL AUGUST HLOND UPPER SILESIAN COLLEGE OF PEDAGOGICAL EDUCATION in Mysłowice (GWSP) is involved in many social – educational activities in the Silesian Region, specially in Myslowice and Chorzow. From more than a decade provide staff training and courses for people working with elderly people. Our students are adults, elderly and seniors. The University of the Third Age is an important pillar in our institution’s activities where researchers and academic staff are involved in the education and stimulation of retired members of our community. The disabled people has preferential treatment and it staff is a mixture of disable and not-disabled people. From this partnership information, it is foreseen to develop conferences, seminars, pilot courses in Education & ICT to stimulate the awareness, stimulating discussion.

Institution information

Pages related of the ActiveICT project

Castellón project meeting. November 2008


The GWSP participated in the Castellón meeting with one representatitive.

In that meeting we had the chance to visit the UJI, their premises and also attend and participate in the ICT classes. We presented our institution and the activities we currently are working on and we had the possibility to learn more about other institutions.

2009 Calendar. December 2008

The GWSP in collaboration with UFA, produced a calendar. This was the first step to let all students know about the activeICT project, and therefore, to begin the discussion and interest about it




ActiveICT project presented. January 2009

At GWSP in Myslowice we had several internal meetings before and after the coordination – study meetings. In January, 2009 was the first meeting where we present the ActiveICT project to the academic staff and students of the third age University to involve them in the activities. In this project we present: people involved in the development and implementation of the activities, objectives, different phases of the project, work plan and deadlines


Second project meeting participation. March 2009

The SCC attended the second project meeting in Udine (Italy) with 3 delegates.

We presented our methodology proposal for an ICT activation of learners at the GWSP . You can read the material produced in the "meetings" section



News report about GSWP activities March 2009

At GWSP-Myslowice was presented the artistic works from students and some lectures about ICT in Adult Education, giving special emphasis in third age students. In exposition was a conference using Skype – Mikogo – posterous. Zycie Myslowic 18-03-2009


Third project meeting participation. September 2009

The GWSP attended the third project meeing in Calarasi (Romania) with a delegate and 4 learners.





Course for 50+. October 2009

From October 2009 to January 2010, GWSP, prepared a course for 50 + in the context of the ActiveICT project.

The content of the course was: The internet as pedagogical tool, internet as a tool to search for information and Internet as a communication tool.


Article in magazine "Nauczyciel I Szkota"

In the magazine "Nauczyciel I Szkota" nr. 1-2 (46-46) ISSN 1426-9899, the "Górnoslaska Wyzsza Szkola Pedagogiczna imienia Kardynala Augusta Hlonda w Myslowicach" published an article named: "Active citezenship thrugh new IT and communication technologies in every age: the activeICT project". Authors: Renata Ochoa-Daderska, MiROSLAW Czapka, Luis Ochoa-Siguencia

Fourth project meeting participation. February 2010

The GWSP attended the fourth project meeing in Évora (Portugal) with a delegate and 6 students.





II Conference on Elderly and New Technologies. 25-26 April 2010

On 22-26 The Senior Citizens' University organised the II international conferecens on elderly and NT (http://mayores-nt.uji.es). During these conferences the results of the activeICT project were presented, also the SCU methodology proposed in the framework of the project.

The partners of activeICT were invited to attend, not only this two days, but to take advantadge of the trip, the GWSP and PSRI stayed more days to perform a study visit of the Senior Citizens' University and learn together from our experience.


Fith project meeting organisation. June 2010

The GWSP prepared and organised the last meeting of the activeICT project. This meeting was organised together with the CCIEP.

All the participants visited the institution and had the chance to understand better how the activities in the Third Age Universiy are carried out. This was the farewell meeting to prepare the conclusion, evaluation and nearly close the project. You can read the material produced in the "meetings" section.