a Grundtvig learning partnership project


Following you will find specific actions taken to disseminate the project.


Project meeting in the SCU. 5 November 2008

The 5th of November, 20 students attended to the ActiveICT information meeting that the Senior Citizens' University gave. All them were interested in participate actively in the project. Previous to that day, a major announcent through the web page, brouchures and mail was done


Meeting press release. 5 November 2008

Local newspapers wrote about the news: the University Jaume I was hosting a meeting of a european project. Here you can see these news:

Expolingua, Berlin. 15 November 2008


On the 21. EXPOLINGUA Berlin 2008 I gave a synchronous (using skype and ppt downloaded from posterous ) online lecture about "Active learning: online learning in web 2.0, language exercising in learn-communites all over the world". After introducing SLO I reported about the Grundtvig project activeICT and also about our Finnish-German activity in the course of Sastamala and about other contacts. You can find the ppt slides here

RUVID magazine. December 2008

Network of Valencian Universities for promotion of Research, Development and Innovation (RUVID) is a non-profit organisation where the 7 universities of the Valencian Comunity participate. It publishes a monthly magazine.

In the number of december 2009, an article of the ActiveICT project was published, you can read the web version here (Spanish)

2009 Calendar. December 2008

The USE and GWSP, in collaboration with UFA, produced a calendar. This was the first step to let all students know about the activeICT project, and therefore, to begin the discussion and interest about it




ActiveICT project presented. January 2009

At GWSP in Myslowice we had several internal meetings before and after the coordination – study meetings. In January, 2009 was the first meeting where we present the ActiveICT project to the academic staff and students of the third age University to involve them in the activities. In this project we present: people involved in the development and implementation of the activities, objectives, different phases of the project, work plan and deadlines


New project in VHS. January 2009

In January 2009 the local newspaper "Lingener Tagespost" informed the public of the new European Project "ActiveICT" the VHS Lingen takes part in.

For the fourth time the VHS Lingen is a parnter in a Learning partnership where teachers, staff and learners can exchange their experiences about lifelong learning and meet with people from countries all over Europe.

Furthermore the VHS Lingen is preparing another Learning Partnership addressing young mothers.

More details can be found in the semi-annual course catalogue. The online version can be found on our homepage:

International Week at the Faculty of Pedagogy, Rezeknes Augstskola. February 2009

One of the partners (PSRI) organized the the first International week (23-28 February). The last two days, it was the Scientific Conference “Society. Integration.Education”, SLO attended the whole week, SCU attended only in the Scientific Conference. During these days we gave speaches and had the chance to share with other researchers our experiences and innovation about the activeICT project. We took advantadge of being in a partners' institution so also performed a study visit of their activities.

News report about GSWP activities March 2009

At GWSP-Myslowice was presented the artistic works from students and some lectures about ICT in Adult Education, giving special emphasis in third age students. In exposition was a conference using Skype – Mikogo – posterous. Zycie Myslowic 18-03-2009


Regional news. April 2009


Regional news presented on 15/04/2009 the commitment of the USE in the activeICT project, and also presented the experience of the learners participating in this project




SENDA magazine. 4 May 2009

An article was published in the national monthtly magazine "Senda Senior", in the last issue of March 2009 (number 97). "Senda Senior" is a magazine dedicated to offer information to the elderly in the area of national laws, health improvements, politics and education, etc.


Wikisenior inaugurated. 4 March 2009


On Monday 4th of May, the WikiSenior was presented to all the University Community. You can see the press releases below and the English version of the leaflet.

It was very surprising and was very well accepted. Now, we have a lot of seniors that want to collaborate. Also we will try to open the registration and participation to everybody (all the world).

Press releases:

Renaixement Magazine. May 2009


In the issue number 11 of May of the Renaixement Magazine (a Regional magazine published by the Senior Citizens' University but that is sent to all universities and other national organisations), the SCU published a two pages article letting know first the philosophy of web 2.0 (that allows everybody participation on the net) and secondly the activeICT project 8 May 2009


On Friday the 8th of May, a prominent Finnish web publication ( released news on Finnish Grungtvig2 Learning Partnerships. Sastamala College ActiveICT was presented in this news:

ActiveICT in Sastamala. 14 May 2009

Università delle LiberEtà goes beyond national borders and brings its competencies to Finland thanks to the Internet and the Skype programme. The adult education centre has just finished a course of Spanish language conversation with some Finnish students. This project raised from a cooperation with a similar institution, the Sastamala College.

Press release

News report. 14 May 2009

A local newspaper in Sastamala region wrote about ActiveICT project in their 14th May 2009 issue.

Press release

Grundtvig 2 Regional Meeting in Finland. 2 June 2009

Grundtvig meeting in Finland

ActiveICT was presented at Grundtvig regional meeting today, 2nd June. The meeting was hosted by Wahren Adult Education Centre and the Finnish National Agency was represented by Ms Eija Wilén, Programme Manager in Grundtvig (LLP) and Nordplus Adult.



Local newspaper "Lingener Tagespost". August 2009

In June 2009 Norbert Borner attended a conference on teaching senior citizens organised by the National Agency in Bonn. Focus was on questions such as "Do elder citizens learn differently from younger people?", "What could teaching plans suitable for elder citizens regarding New media and ICT look like?", and "What challenges might courses and projects with elder citizens bring?"

Norbert Borner was able to share his experiences in the ActiveICT-project and teaching older learners.

Course for 50+. October 2009

In october 2009 leaflets about the activeICT project were distributed to make publicity of the activeICT project, but also to let know all seniors the offer of a ActiveICT course



Meeting news. February 2010


Regional news announced the meeting of the activeICT project in Évora.





Workshop: Adults Learn with Fun. February 2010

In the framework of the A.L.F. ‘Adults Learn with Fun’ Grundtvig Workshop, Villa Montesca Research and Training Centre had the opportunity to involve some Active ICT partners as well as to present to the other participants the experience of the Active ICT project, above all when during the workshop some ICT linked topics were deepened in order to show how the use of the new technologies are precious tools in the adults' education.

News report. 25 March 2010


A local newspaper in Sastamala region wrote about ActiveICT project in their 25th March 2010 issue.





Informative Workshop and courses. March 2010


Within the framework of the project PSRI basing on the cooperation agreement with Social Integration State Agency collaborates with Rezekne Support Point of the Social Integration State Agency for the development of IT teaching methodology and implementation of experience gained within the project as well as for the research of trainees’ motivation

It was organized and conducted informative workshop for the learners in Social Integration State Agency Rezekne Supporting point. 2 editions of ICT courses for handicapped unemployed people were organised

See the booklet

Radio Manta interviewing activeICT students. 17 April 2010

on 17.4.2009 the local radio called Radio Manta interviewed three Sastamala ActiveICT senior students, Maija, Matti and Esa on Radio Manta's Friday morning show. The students talked about their experiences in Italy and the ActiveICT courses and they take part in, what they have learned and what effect the learning of ICT has made in their lives so far.


II Conference on Elderly and New Technologies. 25-26 April 2010

On 22-26 The Senior Citizens' University organised the II international conferences on elderly and New Technology ( During these conferences the results of the activeICT project were presented, also the SCU methodology proposed in the framework of the project.

The partners of activeICT were invited to attend, not only this two days, but to take advantadge of the trip, the GWSP and PSRI stayed more days to perform a study visit of the Senior Citizens' University and learn together from our experience.

As example of the the active participation of learners, some learners representants that participate in the activeICT project, gave a speech to all explaining their experiences.

Turku University Dissemination. 19 May 2010


ActiveICT and the lively cooperation between project partners SLO and Sastamala College got visibility in a Turku University teacher training event on Wednesday 19th May, 2010. Uta, Tuija, teacher Pia and two senior learners Mrs Tuula Kotiranta and Mr Matti Härmä spoke together in the event for mainly Finnish adult educators and language teachers. Tuija gave a face-to-face speech followed by Skype & Mikogo converted presentations from our international ActiveICT "SWAT Team". The presentations got very good feedback from the audience and it was applauded for being rich, graphic and inspiring.

Warm thanks to Uta, Pia, Tuula and Matti.

International Conference participation. June 2010

On 22-25 June 2010, the SCU participated in the "International Conference on Psycology and New Technolgoy in Adult Education" organised by Bytom University of Economy and Administration and GWSP in Zakopane (Poland)

During this week, the activeICT project was presented focusing on the impact and results that it had.


Web Sites. July 2010

SLO webblog

Within the activeICT project all the partners have carried out activities, that is the best way to let others know about the activeICT project. Some of them went further and decided to publish their results and products in their own web page institutions, not only as a little descripcion or information, but as a web-site or web-log.

Following you can see the internet addres of that sites: