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Welcome to the activeICT web page project. This is a Europen Grundtvig learning partnership project. If you do not know what is that, read about this in the "project" section on the left menu. There you will find also information about our aims and objectives. This is a compendium CD-ROM, so you will find everything we have done about that project.

The Grundtvig Learning Partnership is a framework for small-scale co-operation activities between organisations working in the field of adult education in the broadest sense. Compared to the Grundtvig multilateral co-operation projects, which are more ‘product’ – or outcome-oriented, the partnerships focus more on process, and aim to broaden the participation of smaller organisations that want to include European cooperation in their education activities.

In a Grundtvig Learning Partnership trainers and learners from at least three participating countries work together on one or more topics of common interest to the co-operating organisations. This exchange of experiences, practices and methods contributes to an increased awareness of the varied European cultural, social and economic scene, and to a better understanding of areas of common interest. The participating organisations are encouraged to monitor and evaluate their transnational work and to interconnect it with the initiatives of their local community.

They are also encouraged to cooperate with organisations and authorities at the national level, to ensure a sound basis for their ideas and activities and open up channels for dissemination. This will maximise the value of the transnational exchange, promote the circulation of good practice, and thus ensure the wider impact of results. The following activities may be supported:

  • Partner meetings and seminars between all institutions involved in the Partnership
  • Exchanges of staff and adult learners involved in project activities
  • Exchanges of experience and good practice, by all appropriate means and in particular using information and communication technology (e.g. websites, e-mail, video-conferencing)
  • Making of technical objects, drawings and arts objects related to the project
  • Fieldwork, project research, etc.
  • Preparation of performances (e.g. theatre plays, musicals, etc.)
  • Linguistic preparation for persons involved in the partnership to ensure they possess the necessary competence in the working language(s) of the partnership
  • Co-operation with other projects in related subject areas (including Grundtvig Networks) sharing experience with other institutions in the region, etc., including mobility to network events, if relevant
  • Self-evaluation activities
  • Organisation of exhibitions, production and dissemination of information material or documentation on the co-operation activities
  • Dissemination of project experience and outcomes

When preparing partnership proposals, applicants should be aware of the priorities defined in the Lifelong Learning general Call for Proposals.

‘Associated partners’ such as local or regional authorities may also participate in these activities.

In Grundtvig Learning Partnerships focusing on learner participation, learners should be actively involved in the project and their mobility should be encouraged as much as possible.

Learning Partnerships focusing on management of adult education and/or teaching methods provide teachers, trainers and adult education managers with the opportunity to exchange experience and information, to develop together methods and approaches which meet their needs, and to test and put into practice new organisational and pedagogical approaches.

In both cases, projects can involve co-operation with bodies from the local community, such as local authorities, social services, associations and enterprises.

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