a Grundtvig learning partnership project

About the activeICT project

Welcome to the activeICT web page project. This is a Europen Grundtvig learning partnership project. If you do not know what is that, read about this in the "project" section on the left menu. There you will find also information about our aims and objectives. This is a compendium web-site, so you will find every public thing we have done about that project.

about this web site

This web-site has been produced by the project co-ordinator, the Senior Citizens' University - Universitat per a Majors (from now SCU) - Universitat Jaume I - Castellon (Spain) as compendium of all the activeICT project results and data. Information has been provided by all the partners.

The activeICT project is a Grundtvig Lerning partnership, ref: 2008-1-ES1-GRU06-00131 and it has been supported by the National Agencies within the LifeLong Learning program of the European Comission

This communication reflects the views only of the author, therefore the Commission neither the SCU cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

All the content is copyrighted unless specified and should not be made any use without the consent of all the author. Other license can be applied when specified

the partnership

This partnership is composed by 12 institutions, plus 6 associated parners. All institutions have the same weith and reponsability to get the aims of the project.The team was co-ordinated by the Seniors' Citizens University (Universitat per a Majors).